A Hot Steel Rod For Dolly

Updated: 2022-11-06
Published: 2018-08-18
Filmed: 2018-02-27

a.k.a. “Is that my makeup on your floor?”

Dolly finally gets the hot steel rod pushed up into her asshole that she’s been looking forward to. This is apparently everything she had hoped and dreamed it would be - don’t miss her little shaking hands in the teaser clip. After fucking her for a bit with the rod heated to 118°F, I beat the backs of her thighs with it. (Odd random fetish of mine: watching the way labia wiggle when you hit someone’s cunt. She’s already all swollen from earlier beatings, so the heavy impact while she was bent over like this fed that kink quite nicely.)

Texting after this scene, she commented “also learned just how wet i actually get from being hurt & idk whether i'm proud or ashamed :)”.

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