“Do I already look pathetic?”

Published: 2017-03-05
Filmed: 2016-12-26

Kel’s breasts fit quite nicely under some U-bolts. Tightening them down both holds her in place *very* effectively, and applies some painful pressure. For bonus points, she's fastened just low enough that she can't straighten up, and there's a vibrator on a stand that's barely too far away to reach without pulling against her own tits.

I’ve been talking about building a flexible bondage framework like this for a couple years, and finally was able to do it! Big thanks to my friend Jim Duvall for concrete drilling and some other stuff beyond my handyman skills - incidentally, if you look through his photography site you may see some familiar faces. This particular arrangement is very simple (I'd rather play with a person than fiddle with stuff), but I've also had more complex ideas that have worked out pretty well too. Some of my partners have started calling it The Erection Set. ^-^ There's more coming, and every single time I play on it I get new ideas.

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