Hazel Watching Hazel

Published: 2019-11-23
Filmed: 2010-10-11

Hazel watches herself being fucked in the ass. There’s no closeup of her butt muscle being violated, but her face and body reactions are breathtaking. We’re continuing with the earlier thing for teaching purposes of her asking me to please not throw her in the briar patch do stuff she likes but feels complicatedly about, but her enjoyment and ongoing consent is plenty clear. Watching what was happening in the flipped-around viewfinder was really working for her, and that was right next to the camera lens, so there’s a lot of what feels like super intimate eye contact.

(Buttsex shouldn’t in general be this painful, we’re perverts that like doing it wrong on purpose.)

(Also, at the time we had a protocol where when she thought of it she would tell me that her orgasms were for me while she was having them- thus the “for you”s around 4:25 ❤️ ).

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