“Invasive and creepy and great”

Published: 2018-12-02
Filmed: 2018-05-04
Dolly and I start off a scene that’s all about my belt, breaking in my new pair of boots, and a baseball bat that I think was invented specifically for beating her. Warmup is holding her in place by standing on her hands (*gently*) and hitting her cunt (also gently, for the moment) with the metal bat. I also test out the tread of the boots on her thigh.
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(There's a moment in this video that I'm unhappy about in retrospect, which I left in for the educational opportunity. At about 3:31, I accidentally conk her in the head with the bat. I immediately check in, she's fine, but I'm wishing I'd done a verbal "oops, sorry" in addition to the touch acknowledgement.

There are various ways to deal with top mistakes during scenes. Simple physical errors like this still need to be acknowledged, if for no other reason that so the bottom knows you're aware and not going to keep doing it. One failure mode of checkins though can be making the bottom take care of the top, derailing the scene: "omigod I'm so sorry that flogger wrapped around your side a bit, are you sure you're okay, tell me about what good aim I have normally, you still like me right?" 😒 Sometimes all you need to do is pause, do something like set your hand comfortingly where you accidentally hit, hopefully feel them press back into the touch, then move on with the scene. I think I erred too far in that direction here, sorry Dolly!)

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