“More Hitachi with more bees?”

Published: 2019-02-14
Filmed: 2016-05-13

I tie in to Syren’s labia rings to hold her cunt wide open, then create some tension with a vibrator and a fancy TENS unit (which she refers to as “the bees”, as in “should I turn up the bees in your asshole, or the bees on the outside of your butt?”). We start with the Hitachi on low, turning up both any time she wants more. Then I pull the vibrator away a bit so she has to push to reach it (incidentally pulling on her rings). Then from there she starts holding her breath until she comes, with me turning up the current when that happens. I keep scooting the Hitachi a little further away so she has to push further for it, then spoil her last orgasm in a particularly fun (for me) way.

Syren looks innocent- you’d never guess she’s got so much metal between her legs if you met her on the street. Using it to hold her cunt open gives a great view of all her muscles reacting as good and bad and good/bad things happen.

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