“My asshole is unafraid!”

Published: 2018-10-12
Filmed: 2018-07-23

Kel and I try out a new toy, a device for shooting a tiny pinch of salt. A friend of ours saw one in use in a vanilla context, thought ‘pervertible!’, tweeted about it, and Kel got excited and started metaphorically tugging at my sleeve to pick one up. It’s good for both scary anticipation and a very stingy hit, feels vaguely like a singletail with a bit more cleanup and no need to change the cracker if you use it on Interesting Places. 😈

The result was super fun. It can leave interesting marks depending on how far away you use it from, and whether you use fine salt or coarse salt. Eye protection is obviously important. Finding novel ways to hurt Kel’s asshole (e.g.) seems to be a new hobby of mine, so after a bit of exploration that’s where we end up. Shrieks and laughter ensue, our vote is two thumbs up.

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