My White Oxford Fetish

Updated: 2022-05-18
Published: 2017-02-02
Filmed: 2016-01-06

Rose helps me enjoy my kink for white oxford shirts. That’s all she’s wearing, and I get to hurt her through and underneath it, and that makes me a pretty happy Russell. We arrange a particularly fabulous cleavage shot down the front with her bent over while I’m punching her ass (and hitting her asshole a bit). After that, I slap and punch her tits through the shirt, taking advantage of the extra button she unbuttoned to pull one breast out and test just how much sting the shirt has been cutting. It does the same thing for slapping her cunt.

(Hey, it’s a fetish of mine. I can’t be the only one who spent a lot of his formative years trying to catch glimpses of bra through those little gaps between the buttons. Also, Rose just makes the best faces!)

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There's one other update on the site where I've indulged this particular kink, with Emily here although it's not apparent from the teaser.
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