Nettle Hairs

Updated: 2021-01-07
Published: 2020-11-15
Filmed: 2015-04-09
Autumn and I set up for a nettles scene that ended up being *really* intense. It had been a couple years since the last time we played with nettles, so I think some of the horror had faded in her memory. 😇 I had her pick a big bag of them for me again and bring it over, because part of a scene can be the anticipation. This time I wanted to be able to get at her inside bits without any squirming away, thus the bondage chair. This first chunk of video is just testing the bondage, setting up a vibrator for distraction / positive associations. and getting some super close ups of the tiny little nettle hairs stinging her nipples. The skin on nipples is tough so that doesn’t actually do as much as using them on other parts of her skin, but it looks really cool and the few that do get through still inspire some nice squeaks.
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