“Slightly embarrassed, pretty happy”

Published: 2019-10-01
Filmed: 2010-10-11

Hazel and I dive into some intense breath play combined with great orgasms. She’s very aware of the camera and makes some adorable half-embarassed-half-turned-on-by-it faces in between pretty hardcore moments. We shot this for a Rough Sex workshop I was teaching (demos are tough, I thought I’d try preparing video ahead of time), so throughout this scene we’re both very intentional about getting footage of specific things. That has *zero* negative impact on our ability to play hard and connect super intensely. We start out focused on breath play- first me holding her breath with a hand over her nose and mouth (don’t miss her very purposeful exhale before I put my hand in place, maximizing her own body’s panic because there’s no stored air), then her pushing all her air out and fighting really hard to hold her own breath by raw force of will until I tell her she can breathe. She manages both of these at the same time as big orgasms caused by my hitting her cunt.

Welcome to playing with Hazel Rabbit. 😈💜

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