“That’s my piss you’re lying in”

Published: 2017-03-01
Filmed: 2016-05-26

I finish emptying my bladder onto Endza, including her hair, then fuck both her body and her brain even more. There’s some good verbal play, including one moment of making her say something that might be the most intense verbal humiliation I’ve done so far on the site. She looks kind of miserable by the time I jerk off on her face.

There are bits in this video that are scary looking; this scene was emotionally intense for her at a level that only works for me with someone I know and care about quite a bit, and can put back together afterwards. This video doesn't show the snuggling and aftercare and waking up happy together in the morning partly because that's a little too intimate to share, and partly because I turned the cameras off.

I have disabled this video at the insistence of my credit card processing company. Despite there actually being consent and the video showing consent, they have decided that by their definition it still depicts nonconsensual play. I don't have much choice in this, which is pretty ironic when you think about it. I apologize, and hope that at some point circumstances change.

I try to model good consent practices, I think I'm pretty successful at this (I might even be secretly trying to slip a little education into the mix here). That includes showing safewords being used, mid-scene checkins, alternate forms of affirmative consent, calling out learning experiences where I can, and encouraging people to think about how they communicate around problems. It is incredibly upsetting to have to self-censor something where there absolutely was consent. I'm trying to think of this as growing pains while we as a culture are struggling to improve the conversation.

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