“Why am I doing this?”

Updated: 2021-06-23
Published: 2017-02-10
Filmed: 2016-07-07

“How do I get myself into these things?”
“You said ‘Yes’. You said ’That sounds really hot, I think I’m going to go home and masturbate thinking about it.’”
“And I did, for like a month and a half!”

Kel lets me use nettles on her cunt which leads to wonderful squeaky sounds and editorial comments. Then, after she’s had some Hitachi fun, letting me use nettles on her asshole sounds like a not-completely-terrible idea. It *is* apparently completely terrible, but not so much so as to prevent her coming on her own face when I start spanking her cunt as a distraction.

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I’d like to thank Queensnake for introducing me to just how fun nettle play can be. If you’re not already familiar, go look at her website. I’ve been doing awful things to people with nettles ever since I saw her self-play with them, but this is the first time video’s gone up on my site of it. So hey: Thank you Queensnake!!
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