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25 Jan 2016
Trying out a new idea, attaching Endza to a glass door via nipple clamps with suction cups.
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02 Mar 2016
Raising the clamps on Endza’s nipples to pull her further onto her toes, but adding a Hitachi to make up for it.
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21 Jun 2016
Syren’s hopscotch lunch break continues, plus clothespins and jumprope.
17 Jun 2020
Endza needing some handicaps on the Ultimate Hopscotch course.
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13 Oct 2020
Encouraging Jami to process pain via bouncing, despite her nipples being attached to the wall.
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22 Sep 2020
Anchoring Jami’s nipples just a bit above what’s comfortable.
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12 Nov 2015
Nina stuffing themselves with hot steel chain, then having their cunt clamped wide open.
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27 Nov 2016
Reapplying 22 tiny clothespins to Kel’s asshole, which doesn’t seem to hurt (and perhaps in fact helps) her having orgasms from clit spanking.
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16 Dec 2020
Trying out a couple ideas with Jami, failing with mutual entertainment.
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09 Feb 2016
Nina trying out hopscotch version 3 (now with dignity obstacle!).
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21 Jan 2020
Turning up the current inside Jami until it’s just barely too much, and leaving it there. 
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