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20 Nov 2015
Autumn and I taking turns being ‘mean’ to the insides of her cunt, with a hairbrush and a narrow plastic paddle.
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27 Oct 2013
Autumn asking very nicely to suck my cock while I whip her cunt and asshole.
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25 Mar 2020
Autumn definitely not having orgasms from me being extremely mean to her peehole.
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25 May 2019
Autumn beating her extremely wet cunt with a small paddle covered in abrasive decking tape.
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18 Mar 2012
Autumn fondling me while I slap her tits and jerk off.
23 Mar 2020
Autumn lifting her cunt for me to flog, and as a reward getting her asshole beaten until she comes.
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08 Aug 2019
Edging Autumn then eventually letting her have some great orgasms, all via impact.
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17 Dec 2013
Beating Autumn's cunt with a meat tenderizer, then making her ask very specifically to put her tongue in my ass.
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27 Mar 2012
Autumn sucking my cock while I beat her cunt and asshole red.
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