22 Apr 2020
Introducing Endza to the feeling of a mallet on (and in) her cunt
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04 Jul 2019
Trying first beating Kel, then pulling her away from the wall by sensitive bits, while she’s determined not to pull off the clamps holding her in place.
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16 Dec 2020
Trying out a couple ideas with Jami, failing with mutual entertainment.
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29 May 2019
Fastening Kel in place with very tight clamps on the skin of her forearms that will pull off if she moves, and beating her tits to try to make her move.
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13 Nov 2019
Tightening the u-bolts on Jami’s tits just as much as she can stand.
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21 Mar 2013
Hump 2007 ‘Best Hardcore’ winner. Rough manhandling against a chainlink fence, with a zipper finish.