28 Oct 2021
Hitting Nina with a jump bat, and creating some good conflict with a poky-zappy thing and a bit of cunt spanking.
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11 Jun 2019
Autumn screaming and crying and holding herself open for me to sting deep inside her cunt with nettles.
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07 Sep 2019
Trying to make Dolly’s butt fall off, hitting it ten more times with the metal baseball bat then calling her done.
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21 Dec 2015
Making Autumn *earn* being able to use the mallet to beat her own cunt and asshole to orgasm.
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25 Mar 2020
Autumn definitely not having orgasms from me being extremely mean to her peehole.
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06 Mar 2021
Autumn wishing she had brought me less nettles to use on her.
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07 Jan 2021
Autumn confirming that spring nettles are way more intense than summer nettles.
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24 Nov 2013
Whipping and fucking Autumn's asshole, and making her ask for both.
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26 Jan 2020
Autumn having Feelings about the timing of my pauses in being awful to her asshole.
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18 Nov 2019
Alternating snapping the exercise band into the insides of Autumn’s cunt with fucking her to *almost* orgasms over and over.
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17 Sep 2020
Autumn and I confirming that beating her asshole with a stick works even better when it’s recently fucked.
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