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27 Sep 2018
Nina wet and embarrassed about it while being hit in the cunt with a (foam but heavy) baseball bat.
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29 Mar 2022
Hazel practically vibrating with how *not* turned on she is by our field trip.
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17 Dec 2013
Beating Autumn's cunt with a meat tenderizer, then making her ask very specifically to put her tongue in my ass.
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24 Oct 2021
Hazel and I getting ready for a field trip outside.
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25 Mar 2020
Autumn definitely not having orgasms from me being extremely mean to her peehole.
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06 May 2022
Hazel getting herself off while I watch with my cock in one hand and a camera in the other.
21 Mar 2020
Embarrassing Endza by pointing out to her how much she likes things in her butt.
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25 Mar 2019
Dolly loving a belt around her neck, and having more complicated feelings about a boot tread dragged through her cunt.
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