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22 Sep 2020
Anchoring Jami’s nipples just a bit above what’s comfortable.
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13 Oct 2020
Encouraging Jami to process pain via bouncing, despite her nipples being attached to the wall.
02 Mar 2021
Kel taking some strokes with the cane to earn clamps coming off nicely rather than meanly.
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27 Nov 2016
Reapplying 22 tiny clothespins to Kel’s asshole, which doesn’t seem to hurt (and perhaps in fact helps) her having orgasms from clit spanking.
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09 Jul 2014
Have I mentioned that Nina is tough? Hopscotch and other play with vise grips on their outer labia.
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21 Mar 2013
Hump 2007 ‘Best Hardcore’ winner. Rough manhandling against a chainlink fence, with a zipper finish.
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13 Nov 2019
Tightening the u-bolts on Jami’s tits just as much as she can stand.
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02 Mar 2016
Raising the clamps on Endza’s nipples to pull her further onto her toes, but adding a Hitachi to make up for it.
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15 Jan 2017
Punching Kel’s asshole to orgasms, after taking that one last clothespin off it.