new on
20 May 2019
Manhandling Dolly and hurting her enough that she forgets to pretend to be dumb.
new on
07 Nov 2018
Dolly letting out a bunch of stored-up brattiness, but being rewarded for it because she’s clever and funny.
new on
01 Mar 2019
Manhandling Dolly around on the floor, with her particularly enjoying a boot on her throat.
new on
17 Apr 2022
Pinning Dolly to the bed by standing on her hair while tickling (and spanking and punching and etcetera-ing) her.
new on
22 Mar 2022
Helping Dolly get over new fear of having her face punched.
21 Dec 2021
Slapping and punching Dolly’s ass and face with leather-gloved hands.
new on
31 May 2018
Dolly and I getting started on some specialized instruction at my highly-fictional-to-the-point-of-not-having-a-name school.