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30 Jan 2016
Fastening Nina into the scary chair backwards, which is possibly an even more vulnerable position than being arranged normally.
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10 Aug 2014
Slapping Nina’s cunt until it's red and swollen after I’ve fucked them with a steel rod.
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03 Feb 2018
Pushing the bigger trailer hitch into Nina for the first time, leading to some great whimpering orgasms.
21 Jan 2023
Fucking Autumn’s ass, alternating between my cock and an only-a-couple-degrees-above-freezing steel rod.
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18 Feb 2016
Nina having nice-looking orgasms, with their ass being violated and a strategically-placed Hitachi.
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20 Aug 2015
Working a really large heated trailer hitch into Nina, followed by a heated steel chain.
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12 Nov 2015
Nina stuffing themselves with hot steel chain, then having their cunt clamped wide open.
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18 Oct 2014
Spanking Nina’s ass and very very sore cunt, then fucking them with the steel rod.
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13 Dec 2015
Nina taking the bigger trailer hitch extra-heated, then as much hot steel chain as I can fit into them.
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22 Feb 2018
Stretching Nina’s cunt with a *big* trailer hitch.
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15 Jan 2018
Nina making some good faces at how much better steel holds heat than aluminum.
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01 Jan 2016
Nina feeling tired but happy, having their ass fucked with a hot steel rod.
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