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06 May 2016
Spanking and paddling Nikki’s spectacular ass, followed by a tiny bit of fire play.
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17 Mar 2012
Paddling Rose’s breasts playfully but hard.
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12 Mar 2016
Ziptieing Nikki to a St Andrews Cross, then taking advantage of her serious immobility. 
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18 Mar 2012
Paddling Rose’s ass while she’s chained up.
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19 Dec 2012
Bratty redhead with pale skin chained to the floor while being pinched and paddled.
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11 Dec 2012
Paddling redheaded brat Lucy's butt while she's chained to the floor by the neck.
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12 Feb 2013
Lucy asks nicely for (and receives) an orgasm while I paddle the plug in her ass.
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16 Jan 2013
Paddling Lucy’s ass while she screams and gets turned on.
22 Dec 2020
Lauren beats up Candy with a nightstick, then zipties her to a chainlink fence for some fierce slapping, punching, and paddling, most of it on her breasts.