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13 Dec 2019
Getting Hazel off with some intense cunt beating, then getting me off, then getting her off again while she’s licking my come off my chest.
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04 May 2020
Hazel using the meat tenderizer on herself for me to watch while I get off.
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23 Nov 2019
Watching Hazel watching herself being fucked in the ass.
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24 Apr 2020
Keeping Autumn right at the edge of orgasm by alternating assfucking and punching her cunt really hard.
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29 Mar 2022
Hazel practically vibrating with how *not* turned on she is by our field trip.
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03 Dec 2013
Autumn holding her legs wide for me to beat her cunt and fuck her ass.
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06 May 2022
Hazel getting herself off while I watch with my cock in one hand and a camera in the other.
18 Mar 2022
Syren having an awesome orgasm with her ass full of my cock at the same time her cunt is full of steel balls.
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13 Sep 2017
Syren threatening retribution for my spanking her cunt before fucking her ass some more.
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28 Nov 2019
Syren doing everything she can to make the painful sodomy more enjoyable and/or bearable.
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10 Jun 2017
Taking advantage of Syren being fastened into the chair to shove a lot of my hand into her, plus spank her cunt.
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09 Apr 2019
Mixing a lot of electricity with a vibrator she can’t get away from, over and over again for Syren.
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27 Sep 2019
Trying out a way Syren can enjoy an orgasm from me fucking her ass, which leaves both her hands free to hold it open.
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