new on
28 Jan 2021
Nina and I confirming that yes, we still like doing this stuff.
new on
20 May 2019
Manhandling Dolly and hurting her enough that she forgets to pretend to be dumb.
new on
22 Mar 2022
Helping Dolly get over new fear of having her face punched.
new on
17 Apr 2022
Pinning Dolly to the bed by standing on her hair while tickling (and spanking and punching and etcetera-ing) her.
new on
31 May 2018
Dolly and I getting started on some specialized instruction at my highly-fictional-to-the-point-of-not-having-a-name school.
23 Jul 2020
Nina and I setting up and starting to experiment with a surprisingly fun bondage arrangement.
new on
11 Dec 2018
Spanking and beating Nina’s cunt, ass, and thighs.