21 May 2022
Endza abusing her own clamped nipples by trying to jerk away from me hitting and menacing her cunt and asshole.
18 May 2022
Rose reinforcing my fetish for pretty girls in white oxford shirts.
15 May 2022
Punching and paddling Dolly's bits, mostly her butt, and her cute reactions as she figures out how to process it.
09 May 2022
Slapping and punching Jami’s tits, and pulling on her nipples.
03 May 2022
Autumn and I both beating her cunt to orgasm, mixed with hard and deep anal sex.
27 Apr 2022
Nina and I playing around with the TENS wand in more sensitive places.
20 Apr 2022
Using Syren’s sore and tired cunt for my own enjoyment, and getting off on her discomfort. She’s got a bit of a thing about being a fucktoy, so this works out.
13 Apr 2022
Endza and I experimenting with different stress position predicaments.
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06 Apr 2022
Paddling Nina’s cunt with an eye toward maximum soreness and swelling.
02 Apr 2022
Hitting Autumn’s pussy and asshole, as preparation for deep ass-fucking.
18 Mar 2022
Syren having an awesome orgasm with her ass full of my cock at the same time her cunt is full of steel balls.
15 Mar 2022
Kel alternating screaming and giggling around my cock, while I’m hitting her cunt or being really mean to her nipples.
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