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13 Dec 2019
Getting Hazel off with some intense cunt beating, then getting me off, then getting her off again while she’s licking my come off my chest.
05 Aug 2021
Making Autumn slap her own thoroughly-beaten tits and cunt, while I watch and masturbate.
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08 Oct 2020
Hurting Hazel’s tits actually kind of a lot during the process of getting me off.
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04 May 2020
Hazel using the meat tenderizer on herself for me to watch while I get off.
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10 Jan 2016
Autumn using a mallet to beat her own breasts and cunt for me to watch while I jerk off.
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18 Sep 2021
Hazel providing visual enrichment for me both while I get off, and about a million times again since.
She might already have been sore there
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11 Jul 2013
Autumn kneels beside me so I can slap and punch her cunt and tits while masturbating.
Finishing Us Off
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13 Sep 2013
Autumn beating her cunt and asshole with a truncheon for me to watch while I jerk off.