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13 Sep 2017
Syren threatening retribution for my spanking her cunt before fucking her ass some more.
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10 Jun 2017
Taking advantage of Syren being fastened into the chair to shove a lot of my hand into her, plus spank her cunt.
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20 Nov 2020
Syren squirting a lot more than usual, during some intense play.
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06 Oct 2016
Fastening Syren in to the chair, and getting the TENS and Hitachi set up.
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30 Dec 2016
Exploring a practical application of the rings through Syren’s outer labia.
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11 Jan 2018
Fucking Syren nice and deep for aftercare, then getting me off in one of my favorite ways.
20 Apr 2022
Using Syren’s sore and tired cunt for my own enjoyment, and getting off on her discomfort. She’s got a bit of a thing about being a fucktoy, so this works out.