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02 Sep 2018
Dolly earning rewards, and being specific about what kinds she likes.
14 Sep 2021
Comparing how two different dildos feel being pounded into Endza with a big heavy mallet.
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02 Jun 2019
Using a heavy silicone cock, my hands, and a hammer to beat Jami’s tits while she whimpers.
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11 Oct 2013
Nikki giving me a lap dance that breaks all the rules.
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10 Jun 2013
Hosing Rose down with water, then punching and slapping her tits.
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25 Feb 2013
Natural redhead Lucy collared to the ground and spanked hard right on her open asshole.
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07 Sep 2018
Warming up Nina’s brain and body for our flogging scene, using *ahem* totally normal and unexciting tools and patterns.
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11 Jul 2013
Autumn kneels beside me so I can slap and punch her cunt and tits while masturbating.
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17 Aug 2013
Autumn trying to come by beating her own cunt and asshole, but losing coordination every time she gets close.