14 Nov 2021
Enjoying the tension of Amy Nicole trying to hold still and wait for me to hit her in pretty much all my favorite ways.
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17 Oct 2018
Playing with Dolly’s asshole, while she’s impaled on a dildo and has a Hitachi making everything better.
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26 Apr 2018
Kel being put into a great predicament and loving it.
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24 Nov 2017
Taking further advantage of Amy Nicole’s head being fastened to the wall by her braids.
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02 Sep 2018
Dolly earning rewards, and being specific about what kinds she likes.
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26 Jun 2018
Rewarding Dolly for challenging tasks in ways that are particularly important to her: face punches and star stickers.
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16 May 2018
Exploring how much distraction it takes to make Kel forget that if she relaxes her feet they get zapped.