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15 Jul 2020
Autumn trying *so* hard to keep her legs open while I’m hitting her cunt with a meat tenderizer.
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26 Apr 2018
Kel being put into a great predicament and loving it.
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05 Jun 2018
Using a belt on Kel’s cunt to distract her from keeping her feet away from the electricity.
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31 Oct 2015
Autumn trying really hard to get herself off by beating her own cunt.
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11 Oct 2019
Autumn holding her ass and cunt open for me to snap with a stretchy rubber tube. 
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17 Aug 2013
Autumn trying to come by beating her own cunt and asshole, but losing coordination every time she gets close.
30 Jun 2022
Autumn masturbating by beating her own cunt with a truncheon.
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14 Feb 2016
Endza being terrified of the cane, even while I’m using it in kind (if extremely familiar) ways.
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16 May 2018
Exploring how much distraction it takes to make Kel forget that if she relaxes her feet they get zapped.
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21 Dec 2015
Making Autumn *earn* being able to use the mallet to beat her own cunt and asshole to orgasm.
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24 Nov 2013
Whipping and fucking Autumn's asshole, and making her ask for both.
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26 Jan 2020
Autumn having Feelings about the timing of my pauses in being awful to her asshole.
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17 Sep 2020
Autumn and I confirming that beating her asshole with a stick works even better when it’s recently fucked.
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