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07 Jun 2022
Hitting Dolly’s thighs and cunt with a canelike thing, manhandling and tickling her, then rewarding her with face punches.
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03 Nov 2018
Failing over enjoyably from throat fucking to hurting Kel’s tits.
13 Jul 2022
Mixing intense electrical play with intense breath play while Nina quivers.
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24 Feb 2019
Warming up Kel with a *very* nice braided horsehair flogger.
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03 May 2019
Hitting Kel’s tits and thighs nice and hard with a padded baseball bat.
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06 Apr 2022
Paddling Nina’s cunt with an eye toward maximum soreness and swelling.
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29 Aug 2016
Syren synchronizing self-breath-play with intense pain with orgasms.