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18 Dec 2019
Switching Syren to bent-over bondage where she can drive the vibrator, and enjoying her gratitude.
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24 Jun 2020
Hazel enjoying super intense orgasms and breath play, then the most warm & fuzzy facial you’ve ever seen.
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12 Jan 2020
Both of us actively appreciating how opened up and raw Syren’s butt is.
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25 Nov 2014
Quiet little Nina comes hard and long.
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13 Jul 2017
Running enough current through Nina’s cunt that they have a fucking fabulous looking orgasm.
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03 Feb 2018
Pushing the bigger trailer hitch into Nina for the first time, leading to some great whimpering orgasms.
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18 Mar 2012
Fucking Autumn’s ass hard.
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12 Feb 2013
Lucy asks nicely for (and receives) an orgasm while I paddle the plug in her ass.
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17 Dec 2017
Syren working herself down onto the custom steel Bad Idea.
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27 Feb 2018
Kel pushing her ass back onto my cock roughly and painfully, and making some great sounds about it.
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07 Oct 2015
Taking advantage of Endza’s predicament to push a cold steel rod into her asshole, then make her come repeatedly.
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27 Sep 2016
Endza wishing very fervently that my cock was not quite so long.
21 Mar 2020
Embarrassing Endza by pointing out to her how much she likes things in her butt.
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