23 Mar 2020
Autumn and I looking for ways to keep her from closing her legs when she comes from me slapping and punching her swollen cunt. 
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13 Dec 2019
Getting Hazel off with some intense cunt beating, then getting me off, then getting her off again while she’s licking my come off my chest.
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13 Jul 2017
Running enough current through Nina’s cunt that they have a fucking fabulous looking orgasm.
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18 Dec 2019
Switching Syren to bent-over bondage where she can drive the vibrator, and enjoying her gratitude.
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31 Jan 2020
Hazel’s first time getting herself off with a meat tenderizer.
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24 Jun 2020
Hazel enjoying super intense orgasms and breath play, then the most warm & fuzzy facial you’ve ever seen.
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25 Nov 2014
Quiet little Nina comes hard and long.
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12 Jan 2020
Both of us actively appreciating how opened up and raw Syren’s butt is.
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19 Jun 2013
Fucking Autumn’s ass, alternating between my cock and an only-a-couple-degrees-above-freezing steel rod.
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18 Mar 2012
Fucking Autumn’s ass hard.
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12 Feb 2013
Lucy asks nicely for (and receives) an orgasm while I paddle the plug in her ass.
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