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24 Jan 2018
Fucking Amy Nicole with a rapidly-melting-but-still-huge ice dildo, and a gigantic steel dildo (sriracha bottle for scale).
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18 Feb 2018
Filling Syren’s cunt with one-inch-diameter steel balls.
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17 Dec 2013
Beating Autumn's cunt with a meat tenderizer, then making her ask very specifically to put her tongue in my ass.
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02 Oct 2017
Getting Amy Nicole ready for my whole hand by pushing a very hot steel toy into her.
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14 Nov 2017
Amy Nicole taking for the first time a *huge* metal toy I machined very close to her tolerances.
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31 Oct 2017
Amy Nicole and I getting started for an exploratory scene, finding yet new definitions of ‘warmup’.
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15 Jan 2019
Using the scissor jack to raise the giant steel dildo into Amy Nicole even further, one last time before we call her done.
13 Aug 2021
Finishing off an intense scene with Rose, first fucking her with a painful steel rod, then bruising her cunt with a few more hard slaps.
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18 Oct 2014
Spanking Nina’s ass and very very sore cunt, then fucking them with the steel rod.
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15 Jan 2018
Nina making some good faces at how much better steel holds heat than aluminum.
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11 Oct 2015
Using big heavy trailer hitches heated to 120° Fahrenheit inside Nina.
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