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29 May 2019
Fastening Kel in place with very tight clamps on the skin of her forearms that will pull off if she moves, and beating her tits to try to make her move.
10 Sep 2021
Lo offering her tits for me to do terrible things to.
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03 Apr 2016
Nina lying back for a very thorough cunt-kicking
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25 Aug 2014
Zapping Nina’s swollen cunt a lot, while they push their hips forward for it.
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01 May 2012
Autumn and I both beating her cunt to orgasm, mixed with hard and deep anal sex.
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28 Apr 2019
Tormenting Autumn’s nipples and asshole with stinging nettles.
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18 Feb 2014
Claire Adams struggling with alternating stress position and pushups.
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25 Mar 2020
Autumn definitely not having orgasms from me being extremely mean to her peehole.
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11 Jun 2019
Autumn screaming and crying and holding herself open for me to sting deep inside her cunt with nettles.
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31 Oct 2015
Autumn trying really hard to get herself off by beating her own cunt.
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10 Mar 2020
Being very awful to Autumn’s various tender bits for my extra enjoyment while getting off.
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