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24 Jan 2018
Fucking Amy Nicole with a rapidly-melting-but-still-huge ice dildo, and a gigantic steel dildo (sriracha bottle for scale).
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24 Nov 2015
Endza coming around both the smaller and larger trailer hitches.
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06 Jan 2018
Stretching Amy Nicole’s cunt with a huge ice dildo, then a huge heated steel dildo.
new on
14 Nov 2017
Amy Nicole taking for the first time a *huge* metal toy I machined very close to her tolerances.
new on
03 Feb 2018
Pushing the bigger trailer hitch into Nina for the first time, leading to some great whimpering orgasms.
new on
22 Feb 2018
Stretching Nina’s cunt with a *big* trailer hitch.
new on
17 Dec 2017
Syren working herself down onto the custom steel Bad Idea.
new on
01 May 2018
Syren having an awesome orgasm with her ass full of my cock at the same time her cunt is full of steel balls.
new on
18 Feb 2018
Filling Syren’s cunt with one-inch-diameter steel balls.
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28 Nov 2017
Syren riding an uncomfortably large dildo for my viewing enjoyment before fucking.
23 Nov 2021
Endza enjoying the challenge of being stretched with larger toys.
new on
15 Jul 2018
Mounting Dolly on a dildo that’s too big for her.
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