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31 Oct 2017
Amy Nicole and I getting started for an exploratory scene, finding yet new definitions of ‘warmup’.
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22 Dec 2017
Moving Amy Nicole’s ziptie attachment point closer to the floor.
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26 Oct 2018
Holding Amy Nicole in place via being impaled on a giant steel toy, then trying to induce wiggling.
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09 Dec 2017
Amy Nicole letting me put an ice dildo the size of my forearm inside of her for the first time.
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15 Jan 2019
Using the scissor jack to raise the giant steel dildo into Amy Nicole even further, one last time before we call her done.
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19 Nov 2018
Experimenting with the Bad Idea Fucking Machine for the first time.
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19 Feb 2019
Intentionally maximizing bruising on Jami’s ass and in her cunt.
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04 Aug 2018
Dolly pushing herself down uncomfortably far on a dildo in order to reach a vibrator.
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11 Apr 2018
Fucking Syren a bunch while her cunt is already full of steel balls.
18 Jan 2022
Trying (successfully!) to fit my cock into Syren when her cunt is already full of steel balls.
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18 Dec 2019
Switching Syren to bent-over bondage where she can drive the vibrator, and enjoying her gratitude.
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