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24 Jun 2020
Hazel enjoying super intense orgasms and breath play, then the most warm & fuzzy facial you’ve ever seen.
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13 Dec 2019
Getting Hazel off with some intense cunt beating, then getting me off, then getting her off again while she’s licking my come off my chest.
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04 May 2020
Hazel using the meat tenderizer on herself for me to watch while I get off.
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08 Oct 2020
Hurting Hazel’s tits actually kind of a lot during the process of getting me off.
20 Apr 2022
Using Syren’s sore and tired cunt for my own enjoyment, and getting off on her discomfort. She’s got a bit of a thing about being a fucktoy, so this works out.
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21 Apr 2016
Laying back to let Endza suck my cock, as cooldown from the intense play with clamps.
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18 Sep 2021
Hazel providing visual enrichment for me both while I get off, and about a million times again since.
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08 Nov 2019
Syren's asshole getting nice and gape-y as both she and I use it for great orgasms.