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20 Nov 2020
Syren squirting a lot more than usual, during some intense play.
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19 Apr 2020
Playfully being mean to Jami, mostly hurting her cunt which is not getting less wet.
24 Jan 2022
Jami giving good happy face, as well as a couple nice whimpers, while I’m flogging her.
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12 Oct 2017
Syren and I happy and relaxed, fucking while she’s still squished by the metal bondage holding her in place.
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25 May 2015
Nina’s pretty toasty, but we succeed in finding a little more enjoyment.
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09 Jun 2020
Hazel expressing love for me with bouncing tits and ponytail. 
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28 Jan 2021
Nina and I confirming that yes, we still like doing this stuff.
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29 Apr 2020
Nina and I trying out their new straitjacket!
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24 Apr 2020
Keeping Autumn right at the edge of orgasm by alternating assfucking and punching her cunt really hard.
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29 Mar 2022
Hazel practically vibrating with how *not* turned on she is by our field trip.
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