A Terrifying Sound

Updated: 2022-12-06
Published: 2014-12-11
Filmed: 2014-04-08

I start seriously experimenting with the speed control on the Hitachi. The vibrator itself has a simple ‘hi’ and ‘lo’ switch. Within each of those, the external speed controller covers a very wide range, and it makes an even-more-ominous rising rumbling whine in hi mode than lo. We’ve gotten to some intense orgasms with it on low. Switching to high prompts a nice mix of orgasms and sincere begging for me to hit their cunt really hard instead.

One of the things I get off on is the very fast microexpressions people make (more evident in slowed-down video), which can be incredibly emotionally expressive. There’s a tiny little glance at the camera in the midst of some orgasms at about 2:43 that looks panicked and desperate and hot, don’t miss it.

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