General Information

My name is Russell Harmon. I make BDSM porn that is hot and intense and fun and personal all at the same time; I think those things don't have to be mutually exclusive. I'm aiming for organic, fair-trade pornography that is reasonably priced, caring, and high quality.

Most of what I post is shot with regular play partners, scenes that we've done for our own fun first and foremost. I occasionally mix in bits from a site called Two Big Meanies that my partner Lauren and I ran years ago. New videos come out on no particular schedule because I'd rather consistently make content I love than run on an update treadmill.


Consent matters, and I try to slip as much implicit education into this site as I can. I show safewords being used, the complexities of various forms mid-scene communication takes, and alternate forms of affirmative consent. I also call out learning experiences where I can including my own mistakes, and encourage people to think about how they communicate around problems.

It's really important to me to provide a model for BDSM behavior that's close to how people in my circles actually do this, not the porn stereotypes. One downside of how I work is that I can't show all the planning and negotiation and back-and-forth creativity that goes into scenes since it's not on camera (incidentally I love Midori's phrasing: "Engaged and Collaborative Consent"). I also don't do staged exit interviews, because we're busy snuggling. Sometimes there's conversation about the scene, and where it's appropriate I try to include a bit of that snuggling and conversation. Speaking of which…

Vulnerability and Intimacy

My play partners are putting a lot more vulnerability on the line than you see in most porn. Some of this video is pretty personal and intimate, because that's how I like my sex and play. I try to make good editing choices, and I also try to appreciate their bravery by putting myself out there too. I show when I'm excited, when I feel tender, and when I'm imperfect. You're not getting the Perfect Porn Fantasy, but you are getting some intense play that's closer to reality than usual. Please be respectful of what we're choosing to share.

About Me

I live in Seattle, am involved with the Center for Sex-Positive Culture, and teach workshops for the Pan Eros Foundation and other places. I do technical stuff for House of Gord (and also sometimes guest top). I once in a blue moon write long-form blog entries on Make Better Porn, and more frequently post random stuff to my personal twitter.

See Why I Make The Porn I Do for more.

Testimonials from people that get what I'm trying to do here are awesome. Thank you…

"I just stumbled upon your website and I just wanted to shoot you a message and let you know that I love the porn you and your play partners are making! The creativity, and the joy, and the caring, and the cruelty and the silliness are all so awesome! Please keep it up! And thank you for expanding my understanding of what porn and kink can be!"
"i just wanted to say, I've seen many of your videos and the content is just incredible! between pain, pleasure, the easy conversation between you and the women, how you let them hug you, cuddle you; it all makes it so human. so personal. it is so beautifully erotic”
"It is all well shot and well edited, but more than that, it is the most fun porn I have ever watched. The banter and laughter interspersed with the sexual activities makes it joyfully hot to watch."