Finishing Off Jenny Mace

Updated: 2023-03-23
Published: 2013-07-02
Filmed: 2012-12-03
Jenny Mace has caught her breath from all the cardio earlier, so can push hard one last time. Tony has her do topless burpees to failure ( burpee = drop to a front plank, push-up, return to a squat, jump into the air, back down to a plank, repeat. If this sounds easy, bust out a quick dozen yourself. I'll wait. Don't die). She does get to take breaks though- as long as she's slapping her own tits while doing so. The catch is that both activities use arm muscles, so this gets really tough really fast. We let her pogo for a bit as a break. Eventually, we finish with Jenny holding the plank position, letting her breasts hang down so Tony can kick them.
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