“Please keep making it hurt”

Published: 2019-11-28
Filmed: 2019-05-26
Syren is Not A Masochist, but given the right context painful sodomy is one of her central kinks. We start out with her grinding on a vibrator with the little bit of movement she’s got, but then I take it away for a bit so that a) I can enjoy her struggling even more to take it and b) the camera on the floor between her legs can get a better view. Telling her to think about how much it’s hurting the next time she gets off makes that almost-kinda-sorta-bearable for a bit. Once I give it back though, she can’t quite get the Hitachi to the right spot and gets super frustrated hanging right on the edge of orgasm. I let her have her hands to drive the vibrator, which lets her get to a great one pretty much instantly. She asks for it to hurt extra and thinks about how unbearable it was earlier and that’s fabulous, but just as she finishes coming I tell her to ask me to keep making it hurt.
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