“Put it back!”

Published: 2022-02-16
Filmed: 2020-12-02
Nina is much more bothered by their nipple being momentarily reoriented to an ‘innie’ rather than an ‘outie’ after I’ve been awful to it, than by how hard I’ve been hitting. I experiment with a bunch of different angles for hitting their increasingly bruised breasts with a covered ( = less stingy = I can hit harder ) paddle and with a side-handle police baton. The baton is also good for making some great marks on their thighs. When I set one end against their nipple and lean in and twist, it a) “feels weird” b) looks very painful, and c) leaves that nipple smooshed inward when I pull away. Being restrained just enough to make fixing that themselves difficult is maddening. Also hilarious.
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