I need a break!

I’m going to take a five-month sabbatical from April to September, during which I plan to post remasters and re-edits only. The site will remain live, and new subscriptions are still welcome.

I’m burned out and stressed out, and I need a break. The subscription model is a treadmill. I purposely set the treadmill for this site slow, with a big buffer, so I’d be able to record scenes happening for fun. Playing from a place of “okay I need an update for Tuesday, get it up now” can still create good content, but that’s not what I want to be doing to myself or my partners.

I’ve been able to keep posting completely new material during quarantine long past a lot of other sites because of that big buffer, but the buffer is getting small and that’s stressful. I’ve also had difficult personal stuff going on the past few years related to play and relationships. I choose to intertwine my personal and professional lives because it means I can do some amazing things, but the downside of that can be a tangled ball of problems all feeding each other, kind of like this sentence.

I'll still be here! I’ve got a ton of content that could benefit from revisited post-production, and doing that work feels good to me. My skills have improved over the years since 2004, and I hope those updates will be worth it for some of you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart if you throw some money this way to keep the site ticking over. I’ve also got several technology projects I want to put focus on. Some of those will roll out to site members first or have some kind of paid content. I hope those technology improvements will mean a more appealing and easier to find site when I do return to posting new stuff.

So for the next few months I’m going to be doing serious self-care, which includes working on things important to me. Consulting work for House of Gord will keep my rent paid and my brain and body fueled. I’m planning to reconnect with what I love in sex and play, and shoot some video just because it’s what I want to watch; maybe some of that will increase the buffer, maybe not. I’ve been trying to make progress on a couple of those tech ideas for years, maybe shifting focus for a bit will produce game-changers (and not just for me). Hopefully other people will become less terrifying than they are now. I’ll be on social media less, but I might write on MakeBetterPorn.com. I’m going to visit some mountains. This year looks like it’s going to be better than last year for everyone, and that combined with the breathing space should make all this sound better after the summer.

Practicing self-love in the other sense of the phrase,

12 March 2021