Dignity in 4K

Published: 2022-01-11
Filmed: 2021-10-19
When Nina and I were planning this scene, I asked if they’d rather I be awful to the inside of their cunt or the outside, and their answer was “both 😅”. Anticipation of that plus being fastened into place works pretty well for them, as measured by how wet they are before I even put the butt hook in to hold their head up. I particularly want that posture because there’s a monitor set up specifically for them to watch the view from a rear camera. Dignity ensues.
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I’ve been shooting in a mix of 4K and HD for a while, but this is the first time I’m posting something in 4K. There are two different edits here- the 4Kp60 edit is the same length but has different framing choices from the version in 1080p60 or 720p60. I’d suggest whichever matches the screen you’re watching it on.

change log:
2021-01-11: initial post
2021-01-19: improved color grade
2021-02-07: improved audio

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