“I was still listening”

Published: 2019-06-06
Filmed: 2019-03-10
Syren is super cute and sweet, and I’m sweet back at her, while we start with some throat-fucking. We’ve figured out over time that if I’m fucking her throat really deep while she’s holding a vibrator to her cunt, she has great orgasms. That’s become kind of our default sex warmup which works well for both of us. It can be hard for me to tell the difference between an orgasm vs gagging and struggling for her, we’re still working that one out. There’s a deeply amusing moment when she’s just gotten off (don’t miss her cunt clenching through that on the one camera angle), and we’re talking about that conundrum. I start pontificating about an idea, she wiggles at me and I quickly get the hint that there should be less me talking and more cock in her throat.
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