16 Oct 2021
Kel screaming and crying after one very hard stroke across her back with a belt.
12 Oct 2021
Lo painfully slapping, squeezing, and pinching her own tits.
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30 Sep 2021
Nina finding that leaning forward helps with the nipple pull, but not the electric insertable.
26 Sep 2021
Jenny Mace left stewing in her own juices, strapped into the chair with electrics and a Hitachi she can’t get away from.
22 Sep 2021
Working Kel Bowie over with some hard strokes of a belt.
14 Sep 2021
Comparing how two different dildos feel being pounded into Endza with a big heavy mallet.
10 Sep 2021
Lo offering her tits for me to do terrible things to.
28 Aug 2021
Spanking Nina's cunt along with a directive to watch it happening in a monitor, followed by further impact play.
24 Aug 2021
Tony using the Hitachi controls to make Jenny Mace pay for a witty comment.
16 Aug 2021
Adding a Hitachi to Endza’s experience of the fuckzall.
13 Aug 2021
Finishing off an intense scene with Rose, first fucking her with a painful steel rod, then bruising her cunt with a few more hard slaps.
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