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19 Jul 2019
Making sure that Autumn’s asshole and cunt are on fire with nettle stings, then fucking her to some fabulous orgasms.
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24 Mar 2021
Using nettles to hurt all of the insides of Autumn’s cunt, while she watches in the viewfinder.
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01 Sep 2021
Fucking Autumn’s asshole with nettle stems, after opening it up roughly with several fingers.
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11 Jun 2019
Autumn screaming and crying and holding herself open for me to sting deep inside her cunt with nettles.
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28 Apr 2019
Tormenting Autumn’s nipples and asshole with stinging nettles.
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26 May 2018
Amy Nicole weighing the badness of clover clamps on her already-well-stung nipples versus more nettles in her cunt.
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30 Jun 2018
Dragging a giant nettle stem through Amy Nicole’s cunt, then fucking her with it.
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02 Apr 2018
Amy Nicole and I discussing feelings while I apply nettles to her right breast.
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15 Jun 2018
Applying much larger quantities of nettles to sensitive bits of Amy Nicole.
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06 May 2018
Amy Nicole being very clever despite my dragging nettles over many sensitive places.
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16 Apr 2018
Conducting science with nettles on Amy Nicole’s tits.
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14 Feb 2018
Strapping Amy Nicole in for an afternoon of fun with nettles.
23 Jun 2021
Kel making some fabulous editorial comments as I use nettles on her outer labia and asshole.
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