21 Aug 2022
Making Nina really, really, *really* secure in the scary chair, and testing their immobility throughout the process.
17 Aug 2022
Slapping Autumn’s cunt really hard, with a hand over her mouth to stifle her screams.
05 Aug 2022
Topless running in place with Jenny Mace's beautiful breasts bouncing painfully.
29 Jul 2022
Fucking Syren while she’s held in place by steel compressing her chest.
20 Jul 2022
Lots of different kinds of cunt spanking, ending with an asshole spanking to orgasm.
10 Jul 2022
Taking advantage of Endza’s predicament to push a cold steel rod into her asshole, then make her come repeatedly.
30 Jun 2022
Autumn and I getting ready for the very first time my cock went into her asshole.
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27 Jun 2022
Twisting Nina’s breasts surprisingly far both by the nipples and by the bases, then finishing them off with the meat tenderizer.
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