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13 May 2015
Raising spectacular welts in tough-to process places on Nina.
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05 Mar 2015
Tying a body harness on Nina using shock cord.
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05 Aug 2015
Punching Nina’s tits to provide a break from the shock cord karada, then replacing it with an even heavier exercise band to snap into their crotch, then giving orgasms by using my hand on their bruised bits.
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22 Jun 2015
Nina and I both snapping the shock cord karada on their tits and cunt, adding to quite a collection of welts.
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10 Mar 2020
Being very awful to Autumn’s various tender bits for my extra enjoyment while getting off.
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26 Jan 2020
Autumn having Feelings about the timing of my pauses in being awful to her asshole.
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18 Nov 2019
Alternating snapping the exercise band into the insides of Autumn’s cunt with fucking her to *almost* orgasms over and over.
23 Apr 2022
Finishing off Jenny Mace, then aftercare-ing her.