24 Nov 2022
Syren and I happy and relaxed, fucking while she’s still squished by the metal bondage holding her in place.
20 Nov 2022
Reapplying 22 tiny clothespins to Kel’s asshole, which doesn’t seem to hurt (and perhaps in fact helps) her having orgasms from clit spanking.
16 Nov 2022
Fastening Jami in place with shock cord really tight around her tits.
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09 Nov 2022
Autumn choosing between her un-warmed-up asshole versus her sore and swollen cunt for fucking.
06 Nov 2022
Pushing a heated steel rod up into Dolly’s asshole, then beating her with it, then snuggling her on the floor.
03 Nov 2022
Jenny Mace doing jumping jacks topless (with some awesome slow motion bouncing).
30 Oct 2022
Syren threatening retribution for my spanking her cunt before fucking her ass some more.
26 Oct 2022
Using smaller clothespins lets me fit a whole lot of them on Kel’s asshole.
23 Oct 2022
Turning up the speed on the vibrator that Nina can’t get away from, giving them the first of many orgasms.
09 Oct 2022
Syren having a great orgasm when I push my cock into her un-warmed-up ass.
03 Oct 2022
Pushing Nina just a little further after an orgasm, using electricity and painful levels of vibration.
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